The Vanderloop Family

The Overview
We are so happy you found us, and we hope this website will help you experience some of the financial success we have had as family.  The concept of this website has been a work in progress for over 10 years and we are so happy 2018 is the year we are sharing it with others.

We are middle class family living in the midwest.  Our family consists of Rob (father), Erica (mother), three amazing children (Joey-9, Asher-7, Hadley-2) and two dogs (Zoey-13, Mayzie-11). We are a busy family.  Rob is a school principal and director of special education.  Erica was a school teacher for over 10 years, but recently left teaching to take over her mother’s long standing electrology (hair removal) business.  This change did not help us out financially (which means we needed to get more frugal), but allows her to stay at home more with Hadley.

A Little More  Detail

Rob-loves to run marathons and train with his running buddies on the weekend. Rob also has a passion for theatre and watching his favorite football team on Sundays.  He is a DJ and officiant during his free time and recently started his doctoral studies at USC.  He is constantly looking for ways to win the frugal game!  Rob will be the primary blogger on this website.

Erica-loves to workout and inspire others to stay fit and active.  She is a small business owner and loves helping her clients.  She can get lost in a book and often organizes outings with her girls on the weekend.  She completed her master degree two years ago, and loves applying what she learned to her new field in the private section.  She has learned to love being frugal and keeps Rob grounded on what is going too far when frugal becomes cheap.

Joey-is an amazing 4th grader who loves school, her friends, and dance.  She started following in her parents footsteps by auditioning and getting a part in a local play.  She dances most of the year, and plays softball during the spring and summer months.  Rob and Erica are starting to explain what it means to be frugal to Joey so she can start to realize the value of money and how it can work for you.

Asher-is too smart for his own good. He is an awesome 2nd grader who loves to play with his buddies at school and around the neighborhood. He has played baseball for a few years and is just getting into soccer.  He thinks soccer is his new favorite sport.  When he is not playing outside you can find him playing Disney Infinity with the many characters he has acquired, and wearing one of the many superhero costumes he owns.  Asher doesn’t really care about being frugal at this point in his life, but he is starting to understand when things are a good deal!

Hadley-is the youngest, but has enough attitude for all three children combined.  She has recently learned how to go on the potty (which saves on diapers), and is proud to do anything and everything that her older siblings do.  She loves watching her favorite cartoons and reading her books in bed at night.  She was a special gift to Rob and Erica and life would not be the same without this wonderful little girl.

Our Journey

The Vanderloops can really attribute the art of being frugal to Rob’s dad. He is a successful manager of a grocery store, and instilled the value of money with Rob. He never lived beyond his means and Rob sees how that has become a great middle class life for the family.  Rob knows there are great mentors out there, like his dad, and the Vanderloops are blessed to have great people in their life.

As Rob got his first job he started saving for his future.  He was a single guy on a teacher’s salary.  Eventually Erica joined him and the middle class family was born.  It was often as Rob and Erica were living their frugal life that a friend or a family member would ask for advice and ask them when their book was going to come out.  This is what we mean when we say this is over 10 years in the making.  It wasn’t until a few years ago that Rob started taking notes on how to live a frugal lifestyle and saw how this passion could be shared to help others stretch their money and maximize their life.

As you read through this website and use the strategies, please keep one thing in mind.  The motivation to be frugal should be there to support the most important people to you, your family!  By developing the mindset we have, and using this website as a guide to frugal living, you will see life differently.  The Vanderloops wish all of you the best and can’t wait to hear the success you are having by following the Frugal Family!